Marine - full line of premium products used for the boating and personal water craft industries

Transportation - we distribute resins, gel coats, reinforcements and adhesives needed to build trucks, recreational vehicles, airplanes and boats

Infrastructure - roads, cured-in-place-pipe, water supply, sewers, power grids, telecommunications, composite pipe, tanks, scrubbers, ducting and structural shapes are many of the maufactured goods that make use of our products

Wind Energy - Resins, compounds & adhesives, gel coats, reinforcements and core materials used to manufacture rotor blades and nacelle housing of wind turbines

Corrosion - steel underground storage tanks and glass fiber-reinforced plastic underground storage tanks, pumps, tubing and valves are corrosion applications for which we provide our products

Construction - composite bridge decks, water storage reservoirs, swimming pools and coastal structures in which steel corrosion is an issue

Cast Polymer - we provide a full line of products used to produce whirlpools, bathtubs, vanity tops and sinks

Advanced Composites - we supply products that are used in filament wound high-pressure cylinders, fire retardant panels, and a variety of other advanced composites applications