Supply Chain & Pricing

Dear Valued Customer,

I am sure that you are all aware of the significant impact that the current supply situation is having on the composites industry. The supply chain is being impacted across multiple product lines due to raw material shortages created by the recent weather event in Texas and the surrounding gulf states. The recent events have also been compounded by the supply and demand for both imported and domestically produced glass reinforcements which started in the 4...

Covid-19 Removal of Transportation Charge - extended

Dear Valued Customer:

We are now facing some of the most challenging times that this country has seen for many years. We sincerely hope that you, your workforce, and all of your families are staying healthy and safe during these difficult times.

We thank you for your loyal support over the past several years. We understand that during this period of uncertainty we need to work together and give assistance to our valuable customer base. Therefore, with immediate effect we w...

Covid-19 Essential Company

To our Valued Customers:
As we all have witnessed, the Covid-19 crisis is constantly changing and so do the preventive tactics of our national, state and local governments. A growing number of states have enacted Executive Orders to instruct their citizens to Shelter In Place (SIP). With each state that joins the SIP action, we are examining what criteria are used to determine the critical sectors of the economy that are allowed to continue to function.